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You realize how much your feet matter when you can’t easily walk, run, play sports or lead an active life because of foot pain or lost function. Does that sound like you? If so, it’s time to see Dr. Sciortino.

Painful foot problems not only keep you from an active life, pain can make you tired, irritable, less focused, and prone to further injury.

These conditions rarely solve themselves. They often just get worse. More pain, less activity, more stress. It can be an endless cycle. But it doesn’t have to be. One phone call can change your life.

Please don’t wait. Call us at 903-893-9661 today.

Why Come To Us?

  • We can help you feel better, right away. Getting out of pain and back to normal makes life enjoyable again.
  • We’re accessible. We have a convenient location on Loy Lake Road near Sam’s Club.
  • We’re responsive. You can call and speak to us anytime. A caring staff member will address your needs and get you in to see Dr. Sciortino as soon as possible. Emergencies are always given priority.
  • We’re experienced. Dr. Sciortino has provided patients with effective foot and ankle care for 30 years, is a board certified podiatric surgeon and well respected throughout the North Texas medical community.
  • We get you active again. Dr. Sciortino specializes in treating heel pain, a major cause of pain and inactivity in adults.

You Deserve A Life Without Foot Pain

You work hard to balance family, work and home demands. A worsening foot condition can make your already busy life impossible to manage. You deserve better.

Don’t suffer needlessly anymore. Dr. Sciortino can give you the personal care you deserve, bring you relief and help you regain your lifestyle.

Our patients always receive the highest quality care available, benefiting from Dr. Sciortino’s many years of training and experience. And so can you. Whatever your foot problem, you’re in excellent hands at North Texas Foot Care Associates.


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Call us today for an appointment and get relief now. Get back to work. Get back to play. Get back to life. Call 903-893-9661.

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