What Are Plantar Warts?

The word “plantar” comes from Latin and means sole of the foot. Plantar warts are small, raised growths that develop on the bottom of your foot, usually the ball or heel areas. Warts don’t have roots that go beneath the skin, and in fact, they can only exist in the skin’s top layer. However, they can spread and grow in clusters.
Certain viruses cause warts but the virus stays in the skin and doesn’t spread through the blood stream. Such viruses thrive best in warm, moist environments and often enter the skin through small cuts or scratches. Walking barefoot on dirty surfaces, in swimming pool areas or common showers are ways people often come in contact with the virus. Loaning someone else your shoes is not a wise idea because that’s another way to contract the virus. When a wart bleeds, the virus also can spread.
Children tend to get plantar warts more frequently than adults.




In addition to older methods of treating and removing plantar warts, Dr. Sciortino is the only podiatrist in the area who offers in-office laser removal, without the need for extensive hospitalization.

Laser wart removal specifically targets only the wart, so less damage to surrounding normal tissue is limited and recovery time is shortened in most cases.


You don’t have to live with warts or other foot growths. Talk to Dr. Sciortino about your problem.

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