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Common Foot Problems

Foot Health Resources

We’ve listed common foot conditions in this section that link to pages with further information. Here are a few of the more common foot problems we encounter on a daily basis. If you have a foot problem that isn’t listed here, please contact us anyway because Dr. Sciortino may be able to help.


  • Heel Pain. Heel pain is one of the most common foot problems people experience. Different factors can cause it, but the good news is, you don’t have to live with heel pain. Read More
  • Bunion. A bunion is a boney bump on the inside of the big toe. It can be small or large and is a type of joint deformity. Read more
  • Flexible Hammer Toes (aka adult “Curled” Toes). Flexible Hammer Toes are crooked toes that curve toward one side of your foot. The main problem with curled toes is discomfort or pressure when wearing shoes. Read more
  • Diabetic Neuropathy. Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which you experience as numbness or a tingling sensation in your feet. The medical name for this loss of sensation is “neuropathy.” Read more
  • Diabetic Patient Tips. Here are some foot care tips to help you avoid serious infections and other foot problems caused by diabetes. Read more
  • Foot Orthotics. The word “orthotics” comes from Greek, meaning “to straighten” or “align.” Simply described, orthotics is a science that uses devices to create better alignment with bones and muscles and provide relief. Read more
  • Rigid Hammer Toes. When the middle joint in a little toe starts bending, you can develop hammer toes. Unfortunately, the condition sometimes grows worse over time. Read more


  • Ingrown Toenails. Ingrown toenails curve inward and break through your skin, causing the skin around it to become red, swollen and painful. Treatment for ingrown toenails is fairly painless. Read more
  • Neuroma. Neuroma is nerve swelling that often occurs between the third and fourth toes. Neuroma causes pain, numbness or tingling between your toes and the ball of your foot. Read more
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease. Peripheral Vascular Disease is a narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels in the foot and toes. It causes decreased blood flow that can damage your nerves and other tissues in the foot. Read more
  • Plantar Warts. Plantar warts are warts that appear on the soles of your feet, usually the balls or heels. Read more
  • Laser Treatment. Laser treatment uses advanced technology to treat foot problems and help restore feet to a healthy condition. Read more
  • Toenail Fungus. If your toenails are discolored, thick and deformed, you may have toenail fungus. Eventually, it can become a rather painful but still treatable condition. Read more
  • Working Feet. Standing all day, walking a lot or wearing the wrong types of shoes at work can make your feet hurt. Over time, you may suffer from a number of painful foot conditions. Read more

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